Sundance Author David Fuller Says CHAMPION OF THE WORLD is ‘A Terrific Debut’

Historical novelist and screenwriter David Fuller lent some kind words to Champion of the World this week, calling the book “a terrific debut.”

It’s always a thrill to net a bit of applause from a writer the caliber of Fuller. The author of more than 50 screenplays—including Necessary Roughness, The Heist, and Gang in Blue—his first novel Sweetsmoke was nominated for an Edgar Award, and shortlisted for a John Creasy “New Blood” Dagger Award in the UK.

0de66b_940164a6b4d048c4b96720fc0f8e5d6f.jpg_srz_p_185_148_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Fuller’s second novel Sundance came out on June 16, 2015 and tells the story of Harry Longbaugh–aka The Sundance Kid–living in Wyoming five years after he allegedly died in a shootout in Bolivia.

Here’s what Fuller said about Champion of the World:

“Chad Dundas sets us squarely down in 1921 and brings it vividly to life. Moira and Pepper Van Dean feel like a real couple. The tense buildup to the wrestling matches is outstanding, and the pleasure of the matches themselves is that their outcome cannot be predicted. A terrific debut.”

—David Fuller, author of Sundance

Check back for more updates about Champion of the World. We’re getting close to having an official publication date and cover art. You’ll know as soon as I do!

— Chad